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Long Beach Employment Discrimination Attorney

Long Beach Employment Discrimination Attorney

Long Beach employment discrimination attorney/lawyer

The United States upholds many workplace fairness and anti-discrimination laws at the federal level, and these standards apply to every employer in the United States. In addition, each state also enforces employment laws, and California upholds some of the strictest employment discrimination statutes in the country. The term “discrimination” applies whenever an employer bases a work-related decision on an employee’s or applicant’s race, religion, age, sex, medical status, or other protected personal quality.

Representing Long Beach, CA, Clients in Employment Discrimination Cases

US employers may not base their hiring and firing decisions on discriminatory reasons. When they do, affected applicants and employees may have more grounds for legal action than expected. However, an employment discrimination case will require a claim to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) before the claimant can proceed with their civil action against an employer. Therefore, it’s essential to have legal counsel you can trust when you must file an EEOC claim for any reason, especially in a complex case involving employment discrimination.

The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters offer compassionate and client-focused legal representation for Long Beach, CA, area employment discrimination cases. We know the methods and tactics employers often use to shield themselves from liability for workplace discrimination and how to guide our clients through these complex cases.

Understanding Employment Discrimination in California

It’s relatively common for people working in various areas of California to experience employment discrimination, but they do not realize the true nature of these experiences or are unsure how to prove they occur for discriminatory reasons. If you are unsure whether a recent interaction with an employer constitutes discrimination or if you believe a recent firing was motivated by the employer’s discriminatory views, it’s vital to consult an experienced Long Beach employment discrimination attorney as soon as possible to determine your best next steps.

Employment discrimination happens in many ways, and employers who knowingly engage in discrimination typically take measures to conceal the motivations behind these actions. A few of the most commonly reported forms of employment discrimination in the United States include:

  • Discriminatory hiring practices. Employers must screen job applicants in good faith, basing their decisions on applicants’ qualifications, work history, and the potential value they offer to prospective employers. Employers who base hiring decisions on race, ethnicity, national origin, or other protected personal qualities commit illegal workplace discrimination.
  • Wrongful termination. California enforces an at-will employment law that generally provides broad leeway for employers to fire employees whenever they wish, with or without citing a specific reason or giving any prior warning. “Wrongful termination” applies to any firing motivated by discriminatory reasons, such as firing an employee because of their race or religion. Employers may present various excuses to justify these firing decisions, but an experienced Long Beach employment discrimination lawyer can help their client secure the evidence needed to ensure accountability for these incidents.
  • Hostile work environments. Some employees face discrimination in the form of prolonged harassment, intimidation, and excessive and persistent ridicule based on their protected personal qualities. When adverse discriminatory treatment at work prevents the target from performing their duties effectively, this constitutes a hostile work environment, and the affected employee has the right to take legal action.
  • Disparate treatment of employees. Employers in the United States are expected to treat all employees with equal respect and consideration and provide all employees with equal opportunities for growth and advancement. Therefore, employers cannot base promotion and demotion decisions on discriminatory grounds. They are also prohibited from allowing certain employees broader rights regarding workplace privileges or disciplinary actions.

Workplace discrimination can take many forms, and the affected employee could sustain a wide range of adverse effects. Prolonged discrimination and mistreatment in the workplace can have both economic and non-economic impacts. For example, the affected employee may be unfairly denied pay increases or another opportunity to advance, resulting in lost income and benefits. Persistent discriminatory treatment at work is also incredibly stressful, potentially impacting the victim’s mental health.

Filing Your Discrimination Claim in Long Beach, CA

If you must take legal action against your employer for workplace discrimination, you cannot file a lawsuit directly against your employer right away. First, you must submit a complaint to the EEOC and have the agency investigate the matter. A Long Beach employment discrimination lawyer can assist you with your EEOC claim, gathering any evidence and supporting documentation you must submit for consideration.

The EEOC must respond within 180 days. If the agency investigates a discrimination claim, they will issue the claimant a Notice of Right to Sue that allows them to proceed with a civil action against their employer. It is also possible for the EEOC to initiate legal proceedings against an employer on behalf of a claimant in special cases. The EEOC can also recommend penalties for employers who have engaged in illegal workplace discrimination.

Once you have the support of the EEOC behind your claim, your Long Beach employment discrimination attorney will assist you in filing your civil claim against your employer. It’s possible to secure various types of compensation from a successful discrimination suit, such as recovering any lost income or benefits resulting from wrongful termination. It’s also possible for the plaintiff to seek compensation for their emotional distress, and their employer could also be liable for other damages.

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Approaching any workplace discrimination case against an employer can be incredibly daunting for any employee in California. However, a successful workplace discrimination suit could help an affected employee recover and potentially prevent others from experiencing similar treatment in the future.

The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters has the resources and experience you need on your side to navigate the EEOC claim process successfully and hold your employer accountable for discrimination. We know the tactics many employers use to conceal their discriminatory actions and how to secure the evidence our clients need to substantiate their claims. If you are prepared to take legal action in response to the discrimination you experienced, contact The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters today to Schedule Your Free Consultation with a Long Beach employment discrimination lawyer.


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