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Long Beach Bad Faith Insurance Claims Attorney

Representing Victims of Negligent Insurance Practices

Policy holders pay large premiums to big insurance companies in order for them to be there when we need it most. Insurance claims should always be made in good faith, and, in turn, these large companies should pay what you are owed in order to help you recover, repair damaged property, and move on from an accident or another incident.

What Are Bad Faith Policies?

Unfortunately, some companies put their bottom line before your needs, behaving in bad faith at a moment when you are already dealing with an exceptionally stressful situation. If your insurance company has employed any unfair delays or tactics designed to get you to abandon any hope of pursuing the compensation you need, you may have a bad faith claim.

Bad faith insurance policies can include any of the following:

  • Unwarranted claim denial
  • Unethical behavior that goes against the terms of your policy
  • Unnecessarily slow payments
  • Underpaying on your claim

When you’ve submitted a claim in good faith, you deserve to be fairly treated, as is your right when you have always made regular payments. When your claim has been denied, turn to our Long Beach bad faith insurance attorney at the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters.

Handling Complex Insurance Issues

Our firm can help you through a range of insurance matters, including dealing with your homeowner's insurance, auto insurance, or health insurance. Going up against these companies can be difficult, which is why you can rely on our experience and skill to defend your claim. We can aggressively go after companies to ensure they pay what they owe.

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