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Skillful Guidance to Protect Your Company

Owning your own business is both incredibly rewarding and often frustrating. Owners put themselves on the line in order to provide a service to their customers, and sometimes those customers, third party vendors, or larger corporations take advantage of this by stealing, cheating, lying to, or suing you for a number of unscrupulous reasons.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters, we work hard to protect you, your business, and your investment. We know how important your company or small business is, which is why our Long Beach business litigation lawyer works hard to represent and protect you.

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Thoughtful Guidance through Your Case

The most rewarding feeling is knowing that our Long Beach attorney has done his work to protect small business owners from powerful and often abusive large corporations. You often rely on these companies somewhere in your supply chain to help ensure that your customers have the goods and services they need. When third party companies go against the terms of your agreements, fail to follow up on their promises, or go after you in a dispute, our firm can help.

The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters can assist you with any of the following matters:

  • Breach of Contract Dispute
  • Fraud Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Unfair Competition

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With nearly 20 years of extensive, hands-on experience, our business litigation attorney in Long Beach takes a creative approach to your complex issues. We aggressively fight for your rights as a business owner, taking the time to understand your situation so we can represent your unique goals and fight for your best interests.

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