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Workplace Sexual Harassment

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Were you sexually harassed at work? The offender is violating Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and you must not let their actions stand. Come to the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters for legal support, guidance, and representation in pursuit of justice after being victimized by workplace sexual harassment in Long Beach. Our employment lawyer has nearly 20 years of experience taking on difficult cases for our clients, backed by a history of great case results.

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What Constitutes Workplace Sexual Harassment?

One of the many problems with sexual harassment in the workplace is that it is often carried out subtly by the offender, who does so knowingly to try to skirt the legal consequences. You might have been sexually harassed at work and not known if it was actually a legal violation. In some cases, employers or coworkers actually lie to employees and tell them that they were not sexually harassed, and that they need to “calm down” or “loosen up” about workplace jokes. Do not lose sight of the truth, and know that sexual harassment is always unacceptable.

Quick facts about workplace sexual harassment everyone should know to help spot it:

  • Sexual harassment does not only occur between opposite sexes.
  • Harassers do not need to be a person in a position of power. Coworkers, vendors, and even customers can commit sexual harassment violations.
  • You can feel sexually harassed without being the direct victim of the behavior. Merely witnessing sexual harassment can be disturbing and constitute a violation.
  • You can be sexually harassed without any further consequences, such as no job loss or workplace penalty.
  • If you do not welcome the offender’s actions, then it is sexual harassment.

There are two main forms of sexual harassment in the workplace:

  • Hostile work environment: It is sexual harassment if a sexually-driven or related behavior makes your workplace hostile or uncomfortable. For example, if your coworkers often joke about sexual encounters around you, then you may feel the environment has become hostile. The same can be said if a coworker keeps making unwelcome romantic advances, or if they keep talking to you about their sex life even though you have asked them not to share.
  • For-favor harassment: Another common form of sexual harassment is asking to exchange a sexual act for a favor or benefit. For example, a coworker may offer to do your work if you go on a date with them. Or, you can be punished or not given a favor for not engaging in a sexually-related activity. Imagine this scenario — your boss asks for a hug, you deny, and they get angry and cut your hours for the week. This is a form of for-favor sexual harassment.

Confidently Seeking Justice & A Welcoming Workplace

Everyone deserves to feel safe and welcome in their own workplaces. Whenever there is workplace sexual harassment in Long Beach, Attorney Jonathan Winters is standing by to intervene for the victim and set things right.

Depending on the details of your case, a successful sexual harassment complaint may result in:

  • Termination or removal of harasser
  • Enforced workplace standards
  • Restitutions paid to you, especially if you were penalized as a victim of sexual harassment

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