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The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters is dedicated to helping people in the community solve problems, whatever they may be. We focus on civil litigation with an emphasis on personal injury, including negligence in landlord/tenant disputes, HOA cases, habitability issues, toxic mold, water leaks, bed bugs, and other real estate cases.

Many people believe that landlord and tenant law is easy and that you can face issues on your own. Anytime you need to go to court that is not small claims, you need a dedicated tenant lawyers in Long Beach, CA to help you navigate the system because of the procedures involved.

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Common of Landlord Disputes

The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters have covered multiple cases involving habitability issues, where a tenant complains and a landlord does not act reasonably or in a timely manner. Issues such as water leaks, mold, and more can present emergency situations that need to be handled immediately and properly to prevent damage or harm.

All tenants, however, have basic rights that are found in their contract or agreement with their landlords. In exchange for timely rent payments, the landlord must furnish a unit fit for human habitation. If it isn't, then rent should be prorated.

Landlords also have the obligation to act reasonably and timely after being notified by a tenant.

He or she must do the following:

  • Act with reasonable care
  • Make a reasonable inspection
  • Correct any habitability issues or at least disclose that they are taking the steps to correct the problem

Is Mold & Water Damage a Violation of Tenants Rights?

Mold is actually one of the primary complaints that our tenant lawyers in Long Beach, CA handles, as it poses serious dangers to your health and the health of your family. Your landlord has an obligation to prevent serious complications by quickly addressing any mold issues and fixing the problem immediately.

The health effects of mold exposure are numerous and include:

  • Asthma and other respiratory issues
  • Throat irritation and coughing
  • Eye and vision problems
  • Skin issues like rashes
  • Serious infections
  • Wrongful death

Do not wait to report mold. If your landlord does not take the immediate and proper steps to rectify the situation, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters immediately.

Protect Yourself with a Tenant Lawyer in Long Beach, CA!

Tenants who are having problems with a landlord should thoroughly document as much as they can, as soon as they can, and then contact our Long Beach landlord/tenant lawyer for immediate help. Oftentimes landlords can and do attempt to destroy or cover-up evidence, and preservation of evidence is key to being able to successfully help a tenant when dealing with a difficult landlord.

The best tip we can give tenants to resolve matters with a landlord is to act reasonably and put everything in writing. You might offer suggestions or ways to compromise a dispute, or offer mediation as an alternative to legal action.

Contact our firm today online or call the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters at (888) 495-0556 for a consultation to begin protecting your rights.