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Commercial Leases

Doing What is Best for Your Business

If your business needs a brick-and-mortar location to succeed, then you need a commercial lease to set up shop. Rushing into a commercial lease can be problematic, though. Commercial landlords are sometimes notorious for sneaking in language that benefits them and hurts your business in the long run.

To make certain your commercial lease is fairly drafted, come to the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters. Our Long Beach commercial lease attorney can help you review the lease thoroughly, identify problem clauses, and work with you to propose corrections as needed. We can also represent you if you need to file a lawsuit due to a commercial lease violation. Or, you can call on us if you need to draft a legally-sound commercial lease to offer a new business tenant.

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Common Details in a Commercial Lease

A commercial lease is unlike a residential lease in that you are talking about where you want to operate a popular business, not where you want to live in peace and quiet. As such, you cannot approach the situation exactly as you would if you were drafting or reviewing a residential lease. Not to worry, though, because Attorney Jonathan Winters has the experience and insight needed to carefully guide you through the situation towards a solution that protects your best interests.

Considerations for a commercial lease may include:

  • Monthly rent payments
  • When rent is permitted to increase
  • Beginning and end date of leases
  • Security deposit, which is usually larger for businesses
  • Whether or not landlord can rent nearby space to competitors
  • How commercial tenant can place advertisements around the property
  • Processes for commercial evictions and unlawful detainer actions
  • What commercial or industrial equipment can be used on the property
  • Review of local zoning requirements
  • Agreement of how utilities are paid

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The strength and success of your business could hinge upon how your commercial lease is drafted. After all, one of the top reasons why small businesses fail is the inability to keep up with rent payments. Make certain you are not signing a bad deal by letting Long Beach commercial lease Attorney Jonathan Winters review your lease first. Or, if you are a commercial property owner, protect your own investment by letting him help you draft your commercial lease for a new tenant.

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